How much does My Rover cost?

My Rover's core functionality as a vaccination record, is 100% free to all vets, clinics and owners.

Do you connect to our clinic software automatically?

Not from day 1, but we are talking with the major software providers, to include the automatic updating between your CMS software and My Rover digital vaccination records.

Is this going to create more work for me?

Not at all, in fact it's quicker than the booklet system - we think we've reduced the time by 2-3 minutes per vaccination consult.

When are you rolling out My Rover?

From May 1st. View our estimated rollout timings at www.myrover.co/rollout

When is my clinic able to start using My Rover?

We are rolling out My Rover clinic by clinic, you can find when we expect to reach your clinic by visiting our rollout pages, click here.

How do I sign up to My Rover?

Click here to begin the signup process. As a vet, you will need your registration number. If you're a vet nurse or front line staff, click the "I do not use a registration" checkbox.

Is this replacing the booklets?

Eventually, yes. We're working with major drug companies to slowly transition into a digital record only.

What if an owner wants to keep the booklet?

This is OK, they can still use their booklet as My Rover is not mandatory, vets should still enter a My Rover record for the future.

Are you back-filling historical vaccinations from a booklet?

No, we are not, this will be a new record going forward. Your previous record will be assesed by your vet and your pet will receive the vaccinations required at that time.

Who is the My Rover team?

My Rover is a small team based in Auckland, we're a mishmash of vets, developers, vet nurses and general doers.

Is My Rover owned by a big international company?

Not even close - we have a small team, in a small office, but with big plans.

How do I contact the team at My Rover?

The best way is to email us - hello@myrover.co

Why is my signature needed?

We have kept it as it is the current method of validating the record, and required by certain professional bodies.

Who sees my signature?

Only those official entities who request an official vaccination certificate. For example Ministry for Primary Industries when validating a vaccination certificate for export puposes.

Can a pet owner add a vaccination record?

No, only registered veterinarians can add vaccination records. Flea and worming treatments can be added by anyone.

What is the PassCard?

It is the digital equivalent of a vaccination certificate.

How do I use the PassCard?

It is automatically generated when vaccinations are entered for an animal into My Rover. It can be shared with third parties, like kennels and catteries, by a click of a button.

How do I set up a scanner for a vet?

Email us at hello@myrover.co for more details. Scanners can be rented from $9.80/m

How can I suggest an idea or feature?

Simply email us at hello@myrover.co, we welcome any feedback you may have.

What are your client sign-up tablets?

These are tablets you rent to have in your clinic waiting room. Clients can quickly sign up to My Rover before they go into consult. The best part is, it also acquires opt-in client consent for multiple agencies on one digital form.

How do I rent your in-clinic client sign-up tablets?

Email us at hello@myrover.co for more details. Client sign-up tablets can be rented from $14.30/m