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Never be without your
pets’ records again.
Carry your pets vaccination history on your phone - you’ll never have to search for them again.
All your pets in one
Wherever you visit, you’ll have all pets’ records in one place - here!
Your pet has their own
With a single click, share your pets’ vaccination record with kennels, catteries and daycare centres.

What is My Rover?

Created by vets, for vets, My Rover is a digital vaccination record to make life easier,
it also provides owners with relevant information about their pets in one cloud-based location.

A digital vaccination record

My Rover is replacing vaccination booklets, creating one central vaccination record for owners and vets, that can be used at pet shops, shelters, boarding facilities, and MPI.

A tool that saves you time

Recording vaccinations into a booklet is slow and tedious. The new digital record has features to reduce manual inputs needed by vets, saving a lot of time each consult.

Available anywhere, any time

Being based in the cloud means that owners or vets can access their information from any device or browser. It also means a vet can update a pet's record at any time, no longer needing to chase clinics for histories.

We want to collaborate with you

We work directly with vets, clinics and industry bodies to continuously develop the most useful tool for the industry.

If you have any suggestions to improve My Rover, email us to let us know. We will take all suggestions on board and build a plan around releasing them as soon as we can.

Backed by the industry

We have industry support, and we're working to ensure My Rover serves vets and owners without equal.

Get priority rollout.

You can see our estimated rollout schedule by clicking here. However, if you're interested in getting My Rover into your clinic earlier, you can email us to request it.

It's free.

My Rover is free to both pet owners and vets.

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